By Peggy Creveling, CFA and Chad Creveling, CFA | Although it may not be common to have problems with a brokerage or custodial account, fraud and bankruptcies can and do happen. These types of issues may occur more frequently in the offshore world where regulators in the developed world may not have a handle on the various players and where money is being channeled through tax havens, but they can also happen in larger or better-regulated markets.
By Chad Creveling, CFA & Peggy Creveling, CFA | To help you thrive in 2024, here are financial resolutions to consider as you start a year. If you start at the beginning and aim to knock off at least one each month, by the end of the year you'll be on much firmer financial footing.
By Chad Creveling, CFA & Peggy Creveling, CFA | While investors recognize that markets fluctuate, many don't realize how the sequence of those fluctuations can make or break a retirement plan. A deeper look into the order of returns reveals its crucial impact on your long-term financial stability.
By Chad Creveling, CFA & Peggy Creveling, CFA | Global lifestyles, dual citizenship, and increased regulatory burden on overseas Americans are all causing a greater number of expats to consider giving up their U.S. citizenship. Before making such a permanent move, it pays to know the rules and consider all the ramifications.