Thriving Abroad

A global lifestyle can be exciting, adventuresome and rewarding, but it also presents unique financial challenges and complexity. At Creveling & Creveling, we help expatriates cut through the complexity, enabling you to build and preserve your wealth as you pursue your international life.

Creveling & Creveling is a private wealth advisory firm that provides customized expatriate investment and financial planning advice on a fee-only basis to individuals pursuing international lives in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia.

As long-time expatriates and financial professionals, we understand the financial challenges faced by many expatriates ― the bewildering array of options, a lack of comprehensive guidance, conflicting tax jurisdictions, currency issues, complex local and home country regulations, international marriages, among a myriad of other issues.

We know it can be difficult to find objective advice that blends both the local and global perspective you require and that truly addresses the range of financial planning and investment issues you face as an expat. At Creveling & Creveling, our goal is to serve as your private wealth advisor, helping you make better financial decisions, increase your household wealth, and create a more secure future.

We welcome the opportunity to help you get the most from your international life.

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Why Creveling & Creveling

Creveling & Creveling provides a unique, personalized wealth advisory service rarely found in Southeast Asia. Beyond the specific value obtained from on-going financial planning and investment advice, our holistic approach provides you a myriad of benefits.

Firm Principals


A Catalyst to Take Action

Our clients lead busy lives. With a focus on family and career, it can be difficult to find the time to research and take action on financial issues. Engaging our services often provides you the context, information, and impetus to take action on the financial issues you may have been putting off.


A Framework for Couples to Agree on Their Finances

It’s no secret that spouses don’t always agree on financial issues. A dedicated and structured approach to your finances can, however, help you come to agreement and take coordinated action. This approach also allows a spouse, who may not have been that active in the household financial decisions, to become more involved in a structured manner.


Better Organized and Simplified Lives

One of the things we consistently hear is how we have helped our clients organize and simplify their financial lives. This removes stress, allows you more easily to stay on top of your finances, and frees up time for life’s more important activities.


More Confident Financial Decision Making

Many times, people don’t take action because they feel they lack the information or specific knowledge to make the best choices. Professional, objective advice often provides the confidence to make these decisions.


Eliminating Emotion from Investing

Volatile markets often cause investors to fall into destructive cycles of buying high and selling low. We provide a consistent, disciplined approach that helps you avoid emotional investment decisions, enabling you to stick with your plan and achieve long-term success.


Uncovering Unknown Pitfalls

Clients often find that the greatest value we add is in identifying issues they weren’t aware they faced. Our extensive discovery process enables us to provide solutions to help avoid potential pitfalls before they become serious and expensive issues.