Managing household finances—from banking to saving for retirement—can be a challenge for couples living abroad. Many expats don't know where to begin in organizing their finances, so they don't get started. But failing to take charge of your finances can have serious consequences and make it more difficult to take advantage of all the rewards that come with life as an expat.

To help you better manage your household finances, we invite you to download The Household CFO: A Financial Guide for Expat Spouses, a free eBook from Creveling & Creveling Private Wealth Advisory.

In this eBook, you'll get concrete guidance about:

  • Setting Goals
  • Banking in a Foreign Country
  • Strategies for Boosting Your Family's Savings
  • What You Need to Know About Investing
  • Insuring Against Risk
  • College Funding for Expat Kids
  • Estate Planning Basics

Our advice to you in this book is based not just on our years of experience as financial advisors, but also on our experience as expats ourselves. We understand the rewards, and the challenges, that come with living an expat lifestyle, because we've been through them too.

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