Investment Philosophy

We believe that the accumulation and preservation of wealth can best be achieved through strategically designed, globally diversified portfolios constructed from low-cost, tax-efficient ETFs and index funds. This stands in contrast to many in the financial services industry who would have you believe that superior fund selection, stock picking or market timing skills will allow you to beat the markets.

The reality, backed by decades of research, is that even the top-rated funds and managers fail to beat the market averages in the long-run, especially after accounting for fees, transaction costs, and taxes. What does work is a strategic focus and the adherence to a consistent, disciplined investment process over time and through all market conditions.

The following tenets form the foundation for all client portfolios:

    Custom Design

Clients receive a custom-designed strategic portfolio to fit their unique investment, currency, and tax requirements.

    Disciplined Approach

We regularly monitor and provide advice on client portfolios on a non-discretionary basis. We balance short-term risk against the attainment of an acceptable long-run return defined for each client. We provide additional value through periodic “tactical” adjustments designed to increase the portfolio’s long-run return or reduce portfolio risk.

    Global Perspective

We design portfolios to take advantage of the entire set of global asset classes, which increases return opportunities, better manages risk, and better reflects the realities of our globally-oriented client base.

    Research Driven

We incorporate the latest empirical and academic research into the design of your portfolio and are backed by the resources of several well-known research providers, including theCFA Institute and Morningstar.

    Low Cost

Portfolios are typically constructed from low-cost, tax-efficient index and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Annual portfolio fund fees typically range from 0.25% to 0.35%.

    Tax Efficient

Portfolios are designed to be tax efficient. Aside from utilizing ETFs, we ensure our clients effectively use all tax-deferred and tax-exempt structures and instruments available to them.