As long-time expatriates and financial professionals, we understand the financial challenges faced by those living abroad. Having established a path for our own financial futures, we chose to leave the institutional financial world, combining our strong finance backgrounds and long-time experience as expats to help others put worry and stress behind them. We now provide financial planning and investment advisory services to expatriates and their families throughout Southeast Asia.

Chad Creveling CFA

Managing Director

Chad relocated to Thailand in 1993 to work in emerging market equity research following an internship after completing the first year of Stanford's Graduate School of Business MBA program. What started out as a temporary stint to gain international experience turned into a permanent move to pursue a financial career in Asia. Now, after more than two decades of living abroad, Chad is able to bring his years of firsthand experience as an expat, along with his long financial industry experience and credentials, to his work with expatriates and their families throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Currently, Chad serves as the Managing Director of Creveling & Creveling Private Wealth Advisory. He and his wife, Peggy, provide financial planning, financial decision-making support and investment advice to expatriates and their families. They have served on a panel of experts for the Wall Street Journal providing financial advice to expats through the WSJ Expat site. They have also frequently shared their expat financial knowledge with leading international publications, such as the BBC, the South China Morning Post, and The Wall Street Journal print edition.

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Peggy Creveling CFA

Executive Director

Peggy relocated to Bangkok, Thailand, to work in international institutional equity research with her husband Chad in 1993. Now, having lived abroad for more than two decades, she has a personal understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges that expats face when managing their finances. That background, combined with her years of experience in the financial industry (which includes roles at Citigroup, Salomon Smith Barney and Paribas Asia Equity), gives her a unique perspective on expat financial issues.

Today, Peggy is Creveling & Creveling Private Wealth Advisory's Executive Director and a recognized expert on expat issues, regularly sharing her knowledge with expat groups and publications including The Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post and others. She and her husband, Chad, have also served as members of a panel of experts for The Wall Street Journal providing financial advice to expats through the WSJ Expat site.

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